Electrochemical Characterisation of an Os (II) Conjugated Polymer in Aqueous Electrolytes

McCormac, Timothy and Cassidy, John F. and Crowley, Karl and Trouillet, Lise and Lafolet, Frédéric and Guillerez, Stephane (2006) Electrochemical Characterisation of an Os (II) Conjugated Polymer in Aqueous Electrolytes. Electrochimica Acta , 51 (17). pp. 3484-3488. ISSN 0013-4686

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The electrochemical behaviour of an Os (II) complex of the structurally well-defined conjugated polymer alternating regioregularly alkylated thiophene and 2,2’-bipyridine units (P4Os) has been elucidated in aqueous solution. In typical aqueous electrolyte systems the cyclic voltammogram of the resulting P4Os film exhibits a one electron reversible process corresponding to the Os3+/2+ redox system. However the observance of this reversible couple did depend upon the concentration of the supporting electrolyte. It was found that the Os3+ form did form ion-pairs with an anion from the electrolyte solution. Preliminary investigations into the homogeneous charge transport dynamics associated with this redox couple have been undertaken. The technique of cyclic voltammetry, and hence the Randles-Sevick expression, in conjunction with platinum microelectrodes have been employed to determine the DCT c value.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Polythiophenes; Osmium; Charge transport
Subjects: Science > Chemistry
Research Centres: Electrochemistry Research Group
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