Patterns of relational responding and a healthy self in older adolescents

Moran, Orla and McHugh, Louise (2019) Patterns of relational responding and a healthy self in older adolescents. Journal of Contextual Behavioral Science, 12. pp. 74-80.

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Evidence from Contextual Behavioral Science indicates that two patterns of relating facilitate a sense of self, namely, self-as-distinction and self-as-hierarchy. Although the latter has been associated with better mental health outcomes relative to self-as-distinction, to date these types of relating have not been examined directly at a baseline level, wherein manipulation has not occurred. The present study examined the relative contribution of self-as-distinction and self-as-hierarchy on depression, stress, and anxiety in a sample of 102 young people, while controlling for deictic ability and gender. The role of psychological flexibility was also examined using mediation analysis. While self-as-hierarchy emerged as a significant predictor of lower levels of stress and depression, psychological flexibility was not found to mediate this relationship. Self-as-distinction did not emerge as a significant predictor of any outcome variable. Suggestions for future research on the basis of these findings are discussed.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Self, Mental health, Deictic relating, Contextual behavioral science
Subjects: Psychology
Social Sciences
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