Late summer peak in pCO2 corresponds with catchment export of DOC in a temperate, humic lake

Doyle, Brian C. and de Eyto, Elvira and McCarthy, Valerie and Dillane, Mary and Poole, Russell and Jennings, Eleanor (2020) Late summer peak in pCO2 corresponds with catchment export of DOC in a temperate, humic lake. Inland Waters, 11 (2). pp. 234-249.

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Humic lakes play a key role in the processing of organic carbon (OC) mobilised from their catchments, but knowledge of OC dynamics in lakes within maritime temperate climates is limited. Climate exerts a significant influence on mechanisms of OC capture, storage, and processing on the wet and cloudy west coast of Ireland. We examined a high-frequency dataset of partial pressure of CO2 (pCO2) in the surface waters of Lough Feeagh collected over 1 year. The annual pattern in pCO2 ranged between 491 and 1169 µatm and was strongly related to allochthonous riverine OC inputs. In contrast to observations in colder climates, a single peak in pCO2 occurred in Lough Feeagh in early September. Generalised additive mixed modelling revealed that 2 variables, inflow water colour concentration (a reliable proxy for DOC concentrations) and lake Schmidt stability, together explained 68% of pCO2 variability. Both the statistical analysis and timing of the peaks in inflow DOC and pCO2 strongly suggested that catchment carbon export drove pCO2 supersaturation in the lake, and hence CO2 emissions. We estimated that between 217 and 370 t CO2-C (0.55–0.94 t/ha) was emitted during the study period. These results highlight the interplay between catchment OC fluxes and climate in determining pCO2 dynamics in maritime temperate lakes.

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